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     `Foshan Shunde Zhaodi Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on developing new intelligent carpet cleaning equipment. It is a leading Chinese carpet cleaning equipment manufacturer integrating development, production and sales. At the same time, it is the drafting unit of International Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning Standards. It is committed to providing professional carpet maintenance solutions for every customer. The company has created the "Lesotho" specialty. Brand, huge investment to create high-end intelligent professional carpet cleaning products, the company's products range, reasonable price, timely supply, reliable quality, and aims to make carpet cleaning as simple as mopping the floor!

     Zhaodi Company always upholds the concept of "customer-centered" service and strives to create a cleaner, more elegant and healthier living space for the vast number of users.

     Kllano is a leading brand in the industry, leading the new trend of carpet cleaning.

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