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How to wash the carpet when it's dirty? Aunt Procter: Try these

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Nowadays, carpets are installed in many people's homes, which not only looks high-end, but also is very comfortable to live in. Generally speaking, carpets have a better sound insulation effect than floors. When there are children in the house, carpets can be installed to avoid the sound of walking in the room waking up the children. And it's safer. Carpets are limited in preventing falls, whether they're older or younger. Another function is that if the carpet is installed in the home, the child has a lot of places to play, and it is also very suitable for interactive games with the child on the carpet. But although carpets are good, they also have some potential safety hazards. Dust is easier to accumulate on carpets, and after a long time, it is easy to be allergic. Then there are carpets at home, we should pay attention to the usual cleaning, a cleaning aunt introduced to me three ways to let the stains go away obediently.
Daily use vacuum cleaner cleaning
Carpets may always look clean, but looking clean doesn't mean they're really clean. Carpets are easier to hide dust than floors. Therefore, in daily life, we should always pay attention to cleaning. It is necessary to use the vacuum cleaner once a day. When using a vacuum cleaner, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the visible areas, but also under the carpet.
Use warm water and vinegar every other time to remove odor
Perhaps every other time, or when eating at home and pets may leave a little smell on the carpet, you can add a glass of vinegar with a liter of warm water, then wet the towel, wipe it on the floor with a towel, and then take it to the balcony to dry.
Clean carpets carefully over a long period of time
Carpet with a long time, there may be a variety of stains, is not a daily vacuum cleaner can do, at this time, only to do the carpet cleaning. If the carpet is easy to clean directly, then it can be cleaned directly with clean water. If it is not easy to clean, then the carpet can be cleaned with a special detergent for carpet. The effect is almost the same.
What should I pay attention to when cleaning carpets?
Carpets should not be washed as soon as they are dirty. It is very easy to wash the carpets with clean water frequently, so that the wool on the carpets is not so soft. Moreover, the carpets may fade and become less attractive due to the frequent cleaning.
Try not to use strong bleaching to clean carpets. Generally strong bleaching agents have very strong chemical substances, and these substances can not be easily washed out from the carpet, easy to remain on the carpet, long-term contact on the human body is not good.
Don't expose yourself to the sun. After washing, it may need to dry, but try to use air-drying method to dry, if placed in the sun to dry, it may cause carpet deformation, not so stitch the ground.
Generally speaking, when you use carpets, as long as you pay attention to hygiene, you can enjoy the convenience brought by carpets.


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