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KIIano - the only professional carpet cleaning equipment manufacturer in the industry

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Foshan Shunde Zhaodi Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. It is a direct supplier of carpet-soft cleaning equipment, which integrates design, research, development, production, sales and service. In western countries, carpet is the only way to have a home. Family carpet has already become a manifestation of their attitude towards life.

With the development of the times. The concept of "no carpet, no home" has gradually penetrated into the hearts of tens of millions of people. But the dirt and bacteria in the carpet-soft package can affect your and your family's health at any time.

"Kiiano" carpet cleaning equipment, professional for carpet maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, combined with a month, three months and six months of cleaning cycle, scientific and rational use of vacuum, washing, blowing three steps, perfect solution carpet-soft internal organs residues and bacteria breeding. Whether it is

In the home, hotel, office, cinema, club and other places, you can make your carpet lasting.

"Kiiano" carpet cleaning equipment, professional carpet maintenance experts around you.


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