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How to clean carpets scientifically? Hands teach you to clean carpets. Come and learn!

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Carpet laying is very beautiful, but it's too troublesome to clean it up every other time. Sometimes different carpets can't master the cleaning method well. It's a headache. Don't be afraid. There's a small edition.
Carpets include all kinds of dermis, pure wool, chemical fibre carpets, tapestries, mattresses, decorative blankets, etc. Carpet cleaning is done with steam sauna machine, multi-function machine cleaning machine and suction suction machine. Then, combined with special disinfectant and decontamination agents, steam, mite, foam cleaning, decontamination, suction, suction and drainage, air drying and carding are carried out. Finally, antifouling spray is applied to make the carpet surface waterproof film, so as to achieve waterproof and dust-proof effect.
Water pumping cleaning method is more suitable for chemical fiber carpets: first, vacuum the whole carpet carefully, and then spray all parts of the carpet with a special cleaner. This cleaner is specially designed for carpets. After a quarter of an hour, the stain will break away from the fibers. Then, it is better to use a floor washer to wash the carpet twice or more, and then use a water absorber to suck the carpet. Dry water, and then wait for the carpet to dry out, you can also use hair dryer and other means to speed up the process.
Dry foam cleaning method is more suitable for pure wool carpet: the first step is to use vacuum cleaner. Pure wool carpet is easier to leave oil stains, fruit stains and other dirty matter. This can be treated with special cleaning agents for local treatment of these parts, carpet foam cleaners, dry foam scrubbing floors, but the corner of the carpet needs to be handled by hand brush, and several times dry bubbles. After cleaning, carpet hair should be combed with tools such as carpet comb to ensure the appearance of carpet. At the same time, dirt and dry foam crystals should be cleaned by vacuum cleaner, and then the carpet will dry out.
Carpets are washed separately in different places. Do not swallow dates and wash them together. Because different stains use different detergents. For example, edible oil stains should be cleaned with carbon tetrachloride solvent, shoes oil stains should be cleaned with gasoline and so on. When cleaning part of carpet, it should be wiped from the edge of the stain, quickly approach the stain center, avoid wiping from inside to outside, which easily leads to diffuse stain.
Whether these methods are good or not, I will never be afraid to clean the carpet again.


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